Drew's Memorial Web Page





'Song IX'        by: W.H. Auden

A Friend        by: Jack Sparks

My Wish        by: David Quaile

Dear God        by:  Mia Blansett

Again in Heaven        by:  Helen Renae Rawson

Rain        by:  Tim Alibrando

Little Angels        by:  Anonymous / Copied by:  Kelly P Tees

Dedicated to Drew        by:  Natalie (with love)

Bro Hymn        by:  Pennywise

Slow Dance        by:  Deanna Lacava

What Drew would tell us        by:  Anonymous / Copied by:  Jamie Pedrick

Our Angel        by:  Amy Downs

One Sweet Day        from:  Kylie Sullivan

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me        Copyright © David M Romano  December 1993 / from: Nicole Gee

Today is in My Way        by:  MxPx / from: Greg Kempf

Day by Day        by:  Aminah Massenburg

A Reflection        by:  Natalie Pino

In Memory of a Friend        by:  Josh Locke


Check back - more poems and writings to come

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