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Day to Day

By: Aminah Massenburg

It seems all is never fair in the life we live
But be thankful for the little you get
You had the privilege to see this day
When a blind man can't even see his way
You can hear the sounds of the rainy days
But a woman who is deaf would be you any day
We complain about what we don't have
But we forget that some people have less than that
We get and not give only to receive
We tend to look at wants for essential need
Like that extra food on your plate you didn't want
Instead of saving you decided to dump
We are so blessed and we want more
But what more can we really ask for ?
If we have a good proportion of health and strength
The gift from God to be able to think
People to love be then friends or foes
Or just some to talk to, or someone to hold
Each and every day be grateful for what you have
Because today is not promised, but to see it extravagant
Never ever seeing the same day twice
Is a blessing we get each day and night
So live life to the fullest
Tomorrow may not be seen
Yesterday should be cherished
 Because the past makes us wise to things unseen

Life is to be cherished
A lesson taught by Drew
He lived his life in joy
So should you


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