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A Reflection

By: Natalie Pino

As I sit back and reflect, On that dreadful day,
A million thoughts fill my mind, I have so much to say.

When everyone heard the news, Different emotions filled there head,
And no one wanted to believe, That it was you who was dead.

Most of us cursed off driving, It was too much of a scare,
That one little accident, Caused a loss we'd forever bear.

A couple of weeks pass by, A few more slip into their car,
This time they are more cautious, And they don't travel very far.

You remain always on their minds, But the accident now seems in the past,
Some of them forget all about it, And drive off very fast.

They do not seem to realize, How driving endangers peoples lives,
Nor do they think about death, And how it can't be compromised.

Some drive like that to be cool, Others do it so innocently,
I just want them to have more control, Because sometimes they really scare me.

So I hope now people will notice, And not make the same mistake,
Please, Drew, watch over all of them, And let them all be safe.~

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