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In Memory of a Friend

By: Josh Locke

Four years ago, I began a new life,
One that has brought much joy and much strife.
Over these years, I have seen many things,
But none as incredible as the grief that death brings.

It was in my second year of high school, when my friend passed away,
And I still think about him each and every day.
His presence and his laughter are things that I remember,
His compassion and grace are things that will last forever.

It was on that fateful day of June 13, 1999,
My whole world went into a tragic decline.
I would ask myself how could God take such a wonderful child from this earth,
Only sixteen short years after his birth.

The week following his death,
Brought much sadness and much unrest.
As his classmates were crying,
Over such a young friend’s dying.

He was a hero and a friend,
A person always with a helping hand to lend.
Which makes this poem suitable,
To describe such a wonderful man like Drew Rubel.


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