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Again In Heaven

By: Helen Renae Rawson

As I sit and think of that one great day when I'll get to see you again,
Only then will I truly be happy because the pain in my heart will mend.
When I think of every time you were there for me & everything that you've done,
I know down deep in my heart, that I have truly won.

I won a chance in a life-time, to meet that one great friend,
Who always knows what to say or do, when the hurt looks like it won't end.
Drew always had his little ways to make you want to smile,
To cheer you up when skies looked gray, even if that was to talk for just a while.

He never interrupted, when you needed an ear,
Then he always gave the best advice, just what you wanted to hear.
Please try to remember all the good things & all the memories you've had,
Try not to think of any bad ones, 'cause they will surely make you sad.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow",
Just like the story is told,
But by remembering all the good things,
Our Love for Drew will surely never grow cold.

I love you Drew forever!!!


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