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Dedicated to Drew

By: Natalie

So much to say,
About this wonderful kid,
There's so many memories,
So many things he did.

If there is anything that stands out most,
It's definitely his caring heart,
And that's why it's so hard,
That, with him, we have to part.

We never seem to notice or have time to understand,
How much people mean,
And now that he is gone,
I realize the beautiful person, in him,
That I have seen.

I never knew a time,
When he was feeling sad,
Because he put all  of his effort,
Into making each of us so very glad.

Whenever I would see him,
I was guaranteed a smile,
And the care that he showed,
Made each day all worth while.

He put other people first,
Never second best,
And this is surely why,
He stands above the rest.

As I sit and write this poem,
A tear falls from my face,
But a sense of comfort comes over me,
Because I know he's in a better place.

I think of all the joy he's brought,
And all the lives he's touched,
And I'm sure he knows,
That we love and miss him very much.

Drew will be missed,
In a very special way,
But his spirit will live on in us,
Throughout each and everyday.


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