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Pictures - Drewoodstock Party




Friday, July 23, 1999

Live via Pay Per View
Nick, Tom, Brian, Adam, Rick, John & Ryan Paul
Ant, Nick & Tom
Tom, Brian, Adam, Rick, John & Ryan Paul
The early crew
Nick, Bob, Sean, Ant & Adam
Bob, Sean, Ant, Adam & John
Ryan Paul & Brian take a break to surf
Kim, Carl, Courtney, Steve, Allison & Tim
Tim, Carl, Kim & Allison
Adam, Ant & Sean (& Nick) get down to George Clinton
Adam, Ant & Sean (& Nick) still gettin' down
The afternoon crew with Uncle Scott
The Afternoon crew
The night crew
Tom, Ryan Paul, Rick & Bob with the rest of the night crew
Susan, Trish, Lin, Katie & part of Tim

Saturday, July 24, 1999

We weren't really here all night were we?
Rick, Ryan Paul & Tom catch a nap
Cyndy, Scott, Pam & Joe
Tom, Bob, Kate & Rick
Ben, Ellie, Aunt Cyndy, Lin & Trish
Ryan Paul
Adam, Carl, Allison, Bob & Tom
Tom, Ryan Paul & Rick moshing to Rage
Tom's & Matt's "Prom Picture" pose
Bob's & Adam's "Wedding Picture" pose
Tom crowd surfing
The Amazing Adam
Tom & Matt
Tom, Adam, Rick, Matt, Katie, Katie (again) & Brad
The Saturday night crew
Darnell & Nick from next door
Nick on his truck
Saturday night crew getting ready for Metallica
Metallica on stage
Joe and the "boys"

Sunday, July 25, 1999

Wow, Saturday night was long
Sean, the only "real" Woodstocker at the place
Trish signing Drew's guest book (can't sleep?)
The afternoon crew
The afternoon crew (again)
The evening crew
Lin with friends, Jenna, Jessica, Ryan, Nick, Chuck & Vinnie
Enjoying the Chili Peppers
Tom, Ryan Paul, Matt, John, Carl, Ant, Adam, Sean, Kate
Lin, Brian, Mr. Cieslik, Courtney & Rachel
Tom, Ryan Paul, Ant, Adam ...
Matt, John, Carl, Ant, Courtney, Mr. Cieslik, Sean, Kate & Lin
Adam, Sean, Kate
Allison, Courtney, Mr. Cieslik & Kate
Ryan Paul & John
Tom, Brian, John ...
Mr. Govan, Mr. Cieslik, Rick, Ryan Paul & Cyndy ...
Tom, Tom, Matt, Carl, John ...
Carl, Jenna, Ryan, John, Courtney, Chuck, Allison, Adam, Vinnie & Mr. Govan
Brian, John ...
Pepsi commercial
Courtney, John, Allison, Adam, Julie, Ryan Paul, Mr. Govan, Sean, Kate & Cyndy
Nick, John ...
Cyndy with Rick, Ryan Paul & Bob
Bob, Katie & Katie
Alfred, mom, Mrs. Romano & Mrs. Govan
John, Matt, Brian, Julie, Bob ...
Ryan Paul, Tom, Ant, John, Bob, Sean, Rick & Mr. Cieslik do the pyramid
Rumble after the pyramid collapse
Brian, crowd surfing
Tom, Ryan Paul, Rick, Steve & John on Tom's car
Steve and his wife

Monday, July 26, 1999

Nick, another true Woodstocker
Nick again
Nick, Trish, Julie & Susan


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